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Does this Sound like you?
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You're a heart-led, soul-focused leader. You're a creator, artist, teacher, coach, mentor, a healer.

You want to show up in big ways and you’re done playing small. 


You desire to unlock the power of your own story. 

That by generating more clarity and confidence in your voice you are taking aligned action towards a future you wish to experience more of, today. 

You have a passion for inspiring others through creating, sharing, or teaching what comes effortlessly for you.

You’re ready to define your own success from it, but have no idea how to define your offering, speak with confidence and pride about your work, and focus your content. 

You want your platform to attract the people who desire to see it, receive it and buy it. But don't know how to get the attention of your loyal customers or audience. 

You're not afraid to invest in the next evolution of yourself.

You want to make a Quantum Leap to the life you desire and know that by investing in your future self, you’re sending a clear sign to the Universe that even more beauty and healing is already here. 


You’re excited about the opportunity to get unstuck, shake things up, grow your brand and continue evolving. You’re excited to have the exact next steps to manage your precious time and energy.

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You’re ready to share your
magic with others.
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You are not alone.

If the above sounds like you, you’re not alone.


My favorite DM conversations are with people overcoming self-judgement and fear, getting clear about what they want to be sharing more of with the world, and creating the confidence to invite in and connect with their community.


I’m constantly reminded that we all have a Truth to share and we each deeply desire to share it. But, the answers to these messages are more complex than a few IG posts, newsletters or women’s circles. 

What if I told you...
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We are most magnetic when we are in our power.

To attract something or someone, you must first become it. When we fully embody the message we wish to share with others, we begin to attract the very audience we are seeking. When we commit to first creating within ourselves the experience we most desire to have, we begin a practice of self-led leadership. We love and trust ourselves more and hear ourselves more clearly. At the intersection of Knowledge and Wisdom is Experience. In an age where all knowledge is free and accessible, what every brand is aiming to create for their audience is a unique experience. The way you embody your message daily, is the experience others will have of you and your Vision. 


The value in developing a new skill isn’t measured by its Social Media success.  

We are multidimensional beings having an experience with everything and everyone around us. Social Media, the internet, our phones, are just some of the experiences we can choose to have. When we shift our focus back to connecting heart to heart with each other, is when we truly connect and feel seen and heard. Developing the skill of storytelling, is not just about creating viral content, sales funnels, or to gain more likes and followers. You only have to take a look at any of the brands you choose to wear, use in your home, your kitchen, or anywhere you spend your money, really - to see that we live in a reality based on emotional connections to people, places and things. Storytelling is the most powerful tool we have for using our own experiences and our life’s alchemy to help each other. 


People don’t actually stick with routines, follow formulas or “proven methods”.

We are each so uniquely different and complex. We each have our own algorithm, our own special design to follow. Ever watch a how-to video on YouTube? Their how-to sounds really clear, they lay out the plan for you, the whole 1, 2, 3 is there. She speaks with such confidence and conviction, you don’t even question her. You might even try it, practice it a few times and then when you aren’t able to get the exact same outcome as her, you totally give up and curse yourself for wasting your time. Ya, me too. It’s because you’re meant to do it Your way. We are here to inspire each other. But, there is NO (really I mean NO) formula that’s a one size fits all. You have your own set of talents, experiences, skills, and perspectives. Exalting your uniqueness and reminding you to break the rules, are the most important tactics I can teach you in MMS. You will not leave this course with “my formula”. You will see, experience and establish YOUR formula. Which means, it’s yours forever and always. Truly lifetime access. 

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MMS Frame Detail 2 - Purple - 1.png
MMS Frame Detail 2 - Purple - 1.png
MMS Frame Detail 2 - Purple - 1.png
MMS Frame Detail 2 - Purple - 1.png
MMS Frame Detail 2 - Purple - 1.png
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Your empowered Vision and commitment to sharing your Magic, is required at this time.

Master the art of storytelling + the energetics of branding. Get guidance and accountability. Gain confidence in your voice, receive clarity in your vision, and celebrate others' successes, for your most accelerated, expansive, and magical month yet. 

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What they're saying 
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So, What's the Journey?
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Choose yourself — because you desire to, not because you’re broken. You are already good enough. Get honest and realigned with your Vision by tapping into your unique essence of gifts and talents through your own personal story. Your greatest advantage is in bringing your whole self into the room. 

Make an Altar of Your Strengths & Your Exquisite Uniqueness. 

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Be present for the creation, conduct a quantum experiment, and find your own proof. Where are you headed? How will you get there? Who will you be when you arrive? Clear action steps to bridge the gap, create clarity, generate a plan, design your personal "brand" of self-trust, and make a quantum leap. 

Make a Quantum Leap.

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Master the Art of Storytelling + the Energetics of Branding.

The first person your story inspired and transformed was You. What are the connecting stories and experiences that invite others into your passion and vision? How do they see their own courage through the transformation in your story? What's at the nucleus of your Vision? How does it create healing, transformation and inspiration for others? Learn the tools to integrate your personal algorithm and activate others through your unique Know, Like and Trust Factor. 

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You fired up yet!?


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Command the Sound and the Word. 

The experience you offer others -- be it through a product, a service, or a creation  -- is the physical experience of the energy of You. Beam into the 5-D and make a bullseye transmission through the heart. Self conceptualize and develop the narrative of You and your offering.  Generate more clarity and confidence in your voice. Define your own brand of success, create your highest self-profile, move from a place of confidence and experience powerful endings. 

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before MMS
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after MMS

You’re overwhelmed and frustrated from creating lists, vision boards, programs, offerings, or art all for it to never see the light of day.

You have something to share -- with your words, your art or your energy --  but you just can't seem to get it out and share it with others. 

Techniques or Methods that stay surface level or stuck in #bossbabe mode, don’t cut it for you. 



You want to show up in big ways and are done playing small. 

You're crystal clear on what you offer. It's value and worth is simple and enjoyable to communicate. Others feel your passion and confidence in your message and want to experience more of it. 

It's effortless to speak from a place of confidence about the value in your mission and vision, how it's transformed you and why you love sharing it with others.

You no longer ignore your intuitive powers and feminine gifts, to achieve your growth. You own the parts of yourself that are eternal and unseen as your super powers.  

You catch yourself in your BS,  show up in a sisterhood of accountability, receive guidance, to evolve, transform and serve.

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What's the Schedule?

Tuesday, May 11th @7:30PM Eastern

Welcome and Celebration Call

week 1 & bonus vaults opens

Tuesday, May 18th @7:30PM Eastern

Make an Altar of Your Strengths & Your Exquisite Uniqueness

week 2 vault opens

Tuesday, May 25th @7:30PM Eastern

 Make a Quantum Leap

Week 3 vault opens

Tuesday, June 1st @7:30PM Eastern

Master the Art of Storytelling and the Energetics of Branding

week 4 vault opens

Tuesday, June 8th @7:30PM Eastern 

Command the Sound and the Word


*All classes are live. Replay is available within 24 hours.  

What You Get

4 Live 90-minute teachings and group sessions led by Amy Keller

+1 Live Welcome and Celebration Call


Weekly workbooks, handouts, and mini audio & video tools


Journal prompts, suggested readings, or audio   

All shared via one easy to access dashboard

+ Bonuses

+ Human Design & Your Unique Voice

90 min. pre-recorded class on how to navigate your own path by accessing your personal Algorithm 

Led by Cassandra Vogeli of Resonance

+ Lucid Language

90 min. pre-recorded class on Sigils, Symbols & Sovereign Spelling; Magic in practice

Led by Tiffany Marie Tate of Iona

+ Source of Creation

90 min. pre-recorded conversation on confidence and permission to birth your business 

Led by Jenn Newman 


with Amy Keller

Together, we'll fully integrate your month-long journey, anchor in your vision and mission with personalized next best steps. 

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MMS Frame Detail 2 - Purple - 1.png
MMS Frame Detail 2 - Purple - 1.png
MMS Frame Detail 2 - Purple - 1.png
MMS Frame Detail 2 - Purple - 1.png
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Hi, I'm Amy Keller

I'm in the business of creating clarity and confidence using the juicy powers of magnetism and passion. In LinkedIn terms, I help brands and people develop and integrate a cohesive brand narrative and strategy, to establish relevance and reputation within the market space. Brass tacks, I help my clients share the thing they desire to share, in a way that allows them to connect to the hearts of others. 

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" I'm a hype girl through and through. My greatest desire is that you become your own hype girl too! "

For the last 14-years I've worked with multimillion dollar to Fortune 500 brands and businesses across fashion, beauty, luxury hospitality, and content creators with brand's of influence in the multimillions. It's likely your closet hosts a brand I’ve worked with or at the very least, you've consumed content created by an influencer I’ve championed. My storytelling destiny landed me in that space in time in New York City before massive budgets and collaborative partnership deals became ‘best practices’ and ran in the mainstream news. My clients would likely include me in the small cohort which helped create those best practices. Most of which are still in place in the industry today. 

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In 2015, I took my obsession with movement and became a certified Classical Pilates Teacher at Power Pilates in NYC. I've studied cultural culinary while living in India and Israel. And, after spending 6+ years mastering my own health and wellness challenges, and talking to other women about theirs, I became a certified health coach with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition during the global reset of 2020. 

"A Manifesting Generator, I'm happiest and healthiest when my life is in motion. When my heart is creating and most importantly, when I'm sharing that creation with others! "


So let's do it! What will your magic change in the world today?

© 2021 Amy Keller, LLC.

Photography by Kimberly Craven Photography . Graphic Design by Tiffany Marie Tate of Iona. Website design by Amy Keller.

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