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How to Create Consistent Content for Your Audience

that feels meaningful

So you want to create some meaningful content, ya? Let's get down to it. 

Take a listen to the FOUR-STEP process I use with my private clients, the powerful women in the Sept. Collective, and with brands. In 15-minutes, we'll cover how to create content you actually care about, for the entire month, right now. Get a hot drink, get comfy, listen, take notes and let's plan it out together.


Its important to share this – for me, consistency is just energy exchange. Your consistency can look like playful creation, or empowering motivation, or heart-opening honesty, or compassionate problem solving.


How does it feel to read that? 


We crave evolution, transformation, or growth. We desire to move toward our dreams, not hide from them. Committing to showing up to your dreams, and bringing others along with you, is about honoring your divine, unique energy force. 


When we show up, and keep our word with ourselves, we start to trust ourselves. Self-trust is alluring, rare and very magnetic. I teach more about cultivating mega magnetism in the cult-favorite, Mega Magnetic Storytelling.


But, for now, enjoy spending time tapping into your values, and your desires; your unique ingredients to the secret sauce of how you serve others in a meaningful way.


Keep going. You're doing amazing!  


Your Monthly Content Worksheet

As close to creating a private 1:1 session

as I could get!

These are the actual strategies used by my clients and brands to design an entire month of meaningful content for their audiences. 

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