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Using my knowledge of the energetic body and holistic nutrition to reignite your curiosity, passion for play and connection to nourishing yourself and the people around you in new ways.

I'm your girl if you're ready to start enjoying your food again.

If you desire to eat what you love, a lifestyle that never counts calories, or measures things, including yourself!


This is a three-month group coaching program with Amy Keller for the woman ready to make an investment in creating lasting health, nutrition, and lifestyle transformation.

1:1 Holistic Nutrition Coaching: About
Is this for you?
You are busy serving, helping, healing, loving others.
You want to adopt new habits around your nutrition
You sense that by slowing down and observing your daily habits, you will connect to pieces of yourself that have nothing to do with food.
You desire to unlock parts of  yourself that will allow you to evolve, transform and transition.
You are aware you don't have to do it alone. You're excited to do it together and be guided.
You're not afraid to invest in the next evolution of yourself. You know that by investing in your desires, you are sending a clear sign to the Universe that you're taking the next step toward allowing yourself to receive even more beauty and healing in your life. 


"With custom nutrition, movement, and mindfulness practices, she is able to create a plan that's tailor-made and meets you where you are. All while encouraging you with grace to grow beyond your wildest expectations."

- Jenn, Realtor
(Scottsdale, Arizona)

"My top three goals were to eat healthier, be healthier and to create more mindful practices for my overall wellness and joy. The most significant change I have noticed is a greater appreciation for taking the time to care for my body with food, with meditation, and with how I care for my energy. Amy is a natural teacher. She knows what to ask how to ask it and how to help you execute it."

- Nicole, Mother of Three
(New Jersey)

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