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The Art of Storytelling + The Energetics of Branding

Everything is energy.

Your brand voice is a direct reflection of your inner voice. 
When you're inspired by, in love with and consumed by the magic you're here to share with the world– your dream audience will be too. 


You have a passion for inspiring others by creating, sharing, or teaching what comes effortlessly for you and want to be successful at it. But have no idea how to define your brand voice and focus your content. 

You want your brand and platform to attract the people who desire to see it, receive it and buy it. But don't know how to get the attention of your loyal customers or audience. 

You’re excited about the opportunity to get unstuck, shake things up, grow your brand and continue evolving. But don’t have the exact next steps to manage your precious time and energy.

In this new time and way of being, brands and businesses require a bullseye transmission of their unique, creative expression. It's not enough to be socially conscious, we want to feel your Soul.


That's exactly why I created Mega Magnetic Storytelling. 


Mega Magnetic Storytelling

Pre-Enrollment is Now Open


"Amy is a creative visionary, inspiring, joyful, and such a positive bright light! I have taken my work back to a place of pure creativity and have taken a lot of the stress out of my business by only aligning with partnerships that are 100% true to me."

In the future... your word and the impeccable unity you have with your community is the customer's experience.

In the future... the energy you carry around you and within you is your brand billboard. 

In the future... your sound and your digital avatar is your direct marketing. 

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